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Hetman`s Chernigov

Dates: on request

Duration: 2 days / 1 night

The main route Kyiv-Kachanivka - Baturin - Chernihiv - Kozelets - Kyiv

Place of departure - Kyiv

Place refund - Kyiv

Price: on request calculates

Tourist attractions:

Kachanivka. Unique palace - park complex (XVIII-XIX c.), Which includes one of the most beautiful palaces of Ukraine (1771-1780r.), Two wings, arbor M. Glinka, St. George`s Church (1817-1826g.) In the Empire style, stylish Water Tower (1866-1898.). Around the palace is a beautiful landscaped park with a cascade of twelve ponds, bridges, an amphitheater and sculptures. At various times, lived here and worked successfully Taras Shevchenko, Nikolai Gogol, Panteleimon Kulish, Marko Gyroscope, Ilya Repin, composer Mikhail Glinka, Gulak - Artemovskij and others. Now Kachanovsky palace - park ensemble increasingly attracts tourists.

Baturin. If you want to look for a few hundred years ago in Ukraine Cossack past, it certainly should come to Baturin. It`s a place to take its place in the history of Ukraine as the official residence of the left-bank Ukrainian Hetman - Demyana Mnohohrishny, Samoilovych Ivan, Ivan Mazepa and Kirill Razumovsky. Today it houses the historical - cultural reserve "Hetman`s Capital."

Chernihiv. Along with magic and ancient Kyiv Lviv, Chernihiv is one of those cities that visit at least once pamyatatymesh throughout life. Mound "Black Grave" Anthony Cave, Saviour - Transfiguration Cathedral, Eletskii monastery with magnificent Assumption Cathedral, the Cathedral of Boris, Catherine`s Church, Trinity Cathedral - this is not a complete list of objects that you can visit while traveling.

Kozelets. Famous Memory yatkamy architecture, linked to family Razumovsky. Among them, Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin, which can be considered one of the most beautiful temples in the Ukrainian Baroque style. In the temple remarkably well preserved unique 27 meter long, gold-plated iconostasis.


1 day. (Saturday). Earlier departure from Kyiv. Kachanivka (sightseeing) - Baturin (sightseeing) - Chernihiv. Accommodation. Overnight.

Day 2. Breakfast. Chernihiv (sightseeing). Kozelets (sightseeing). Kyiv.

The price includes:

  • transportation services under the program
  • excursions according to the program
  • stay 1 night in a hotel with breakfast
  • Support representative firm
  • Health Insurance

Additional charges:

  • entrance fees to sightseeing objects (up to 50 USD. general)
  • nutrition
  • own costs.

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